About Zakk

"Zakk Styles first picked up the guitar at age 12 and has been playing & writing for the past 16 years. Following changes in band line ups he took up singing to fill the role of lead singer and has been singing for a little over a year.

The self-taught guitar player and musician began his musical journey learning guitar licks and riffs from metal albums the likes of early Metallica, Black Sabbath, Megadeth etc. Thereafter his focus shifted onto the musical styles of Flamenco, Blues, Classic Rock and even classical music in order to broaden his abilities and musical knowledge.

Zakk has played alongside local heavy weight bands, the likes of L.A. Cobra, Haggis & Bong, Facing the Gallows and many more. He would consider his style pretty simplistic with a blend of straight forward blues and 80’s melodic lead licks. In his word “the music should speak for itself and make you shake your ass” He credits his vocal abilities and styles to Sebastian Bach, Steven Tyler and even some country and blues influenced artists.

Zakk Styles
Guitars, Vocals